Canada has plenty of work opportunities and has many positions to fill. Canada is ranked as one of the best countries to work across the globe. Are you looking to move there? Here are 10 highly sought-after and highest-paying jobs available in Canada. All wages are converted to Canadian dollars (CAD).

1. Sales Associate
Sales associates are in close contact with customers to identify their needs, answer concerns about our products and suggest the best solutions.

Salary:$40k per year

2. Truck Driver
Truck drivers are responsible for transporting raw materials and finished goods across the land to and from manufacturing facilities or retail and distribution centers. This involves making routes and ensuring the delivery schedules.

Salary: $41k per year

3. Registered Nurse
Registered nurses care for patients and offer advice as well as emotional support to patients and their families. Certain nurses inform patients, as well with the general public, on health illnesses.

Salary: $72k per year

4. Receptionist
Receptionists are in charge of welcoming visitors and providing exceptional customer service. This involves answering phone calls, taking care to respond to the needs and questions of visitors as well as providing a friendly atmosphere.

Salary: $33k per year

5. Welder
Welders make and assemble structures and equipment by the use of welding equipment cutters, shapers and cutters and other tools for measuring. Welders create metal products in accordance with specific specifications of employers or customers. This includes setting up, operating and maintaining welding equipment.

Salary: $48k per year

6. The Business Development Manager
The job of a business development manager is to discover sales opportunities, pitch products or services to potential customers, and maintain an excellent working relationship with potential clients.

Salary: $95k per year

7. Merchandiser
Merchandisers can help companies maximize its profits and sales by making sure that the retail stores as well as online stores are fully stocked with the appropriate products in the correct quantities. This can consist of stocking shelves organizing and maintaining displays of products including pricing of products, as well as checking the inventory of the company.

Salary: $45k per year

8. Accountant
A professional accountant prepares the assets, liabilities and capital entry entries into accounts by compiling and analyzing information about the account. Documents financial transactions through the entry of details about accounts and suggests financial actions based on the accounting alternatives.

Salary: $65k per year

9. Heavy-Duty Mechanical
A heavy-duty mechanic can inspect cranes, trucks, bulldozers and other heavy-duty equipment to ensure that it is operating properly. Diagnoses problems with the help of computerized testing equipment, and fixing damaged parts of equipment.

Salary: $61k per year

10. Software Engineer
Software engineers apply the concepts and techniques from mathematics, engineering and computer science to the creation, development and evaluation of for computers.

Salary: $83k per year

Most lucrative jobs in Canada
Surgeons are medical professionals who are skilled in carrying out different surgical procedures for patients diagnosed with health issues. Surgeons may also specialize in performing only specific kinds of procedures.

Salary: $273K per year

Dentists treat tooth decay or fill cavities. They also restore damaged teeth. Dentists are able to diagnose and treat problems that affect patients’ gums, teeth and the surrounding components within the mouth. They also offer guidance and advice on how to take good care of your gums and teeth as well as on the diet that can affect oral health.

Salary: $118k per year

Petroleum Engineer
Petroleum engineers aid in the search for gas and oil for the nation’s energy requirements. Petroleum engineers create and refine ways to extract gas and oil from the sediments beneath the Earth’s surface. They also discover new methods to extract gas and oil from wells with a long history.

Salary: $107k per year

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IT Manager
IT managers are accountable for planning, coordinating, and directing computer-related tasks within an organisation. They determine the IT requirements of an organization and are accountable for the implementation of computer systems that meet the needs of the company’s information system.

Salary: $107k per year

Lawyers, also referred to as attorneys are professionals certified by the state who counsel and represent juristic and natural people in legal issues. They advise clients, conduct legal research, write legal documents and act as clients in civil and criminal legal proceedings.

Salary: $117k per year

Sales Manager
Sales managers oversee the sales team by offering instructions as well as training and mentoring by setting sales quotas, objectives, making sales plans, analysing data, determining territories for sales, and developing their sales team.

Salary: $81k per year

Physicians care for patients in various ways that range from treating chronic illness to offering advice about preventative healthcare. Although the specialties of physicians may differ however, the main thing that is common across different areas is that doctors mostly work to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.

Salary: $211k per year

Business Development Manager
The job of a business development manager is to discover sales opportunities, pitch products or services to prospective customers, and keep good relations with potential clients.

Salary: $95k per year

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